Believe in the goodness in thyself as well as in others.

Protect childhood with tenderness, old age with respect, cherish with reverence the memory of those who have passed.

Observe faithfully the golden rule.

Enjoy the good things of earth. Keep within thee the Glorious shine of youth and remain always of good cheer.

Boo at the Zoo - 2008

BRRRRRRR! It was a Dark a Dreary Night!
BOO!!!!The first night of Boo and Zoo was BRUTAL!. It was cold, but the winter air could not stop the excitement. The kids in costumes and smiling parents warm even the coldest toes. If you have not already heard, Lincoln Lodge #80's first year taking part in the yearly fund raiser for Lincoln Children's' Zoo was a huge success. In five nights and with the help of many Elks we distributed approximately 10,000 pieces of drug awareness coloring books and bookmarks to 8,269 kids in the Lincoln area. We also gave them chocolate. The look on a little princess or superman's face when they get good treats is priceless. Counting adults with those kids, our Elks members greeted 15,766 people as they walked through the maze of decorative booths. The final nights were much warmer making the colder nights seem like a distant memory. Do not let the cold weather scare you off for next year. You won't regret being part of the fun.

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Special thanks to Deborah Burns, John and Mary Brooks and Paulette Gerken for helping with the planning. New member, Steve Arens and his daughters helped with set-up with John Brooks and Deborah Burns. Helping at the BOO were John and Mary Brooks, Deborah Burns, Paulette Gerken, Larry Schwindt, Sam Carter, Charles Aman, Terry Edwards and Steve Wirth and new Members Karen Walker, Jenny Hurt, Karla Ostrander and Maureen Hannon.

-Amy Jacobsen