Believe in the goodness in thyself as well as in others.

Protect childhood with tenderness, old age with respect, cherish with reverence the memory of those who have passed.

Observe faithfully the golden rule.

Enjoy the good things of earth. Keep within thee the Glorious shine of youth and remain always of good cheer.


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2017 (July) - Reno Convention - 2nd Place Finish

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Candidate Brad Norton, Inner Guard Bobby Clinkenbeard, Chaplain Larry Schwindt, Esteemed Loyal Knight Troy Pedersen, Exalted Ruler Mary Brooks, Esteemed Leading Knight Laurie Montag, Esteemed Lecturing Knight Harry Montag and Esquire Larry Bratt

After a whirlwind of practices, travel and competition, your representative for the state of Nebraska's Ritual Team was successful once again. Lincoln Lodge No. 80 was one of 24 teams competing for the right to make the Final Four and ultimately the title of National Champions.
The first and second place teams in the Eastern Division were Best in the East, Tallahassee, Florida (94.8911) and last year's National Champion Bridgeport, Pennsylvania (94.1169). The first and second place teams in the Western Division were Best in the West, Lincoln, Nebraska (95.2491) and Carlsbad, New Mexico (94.7321). The Final Four was set for the afternoon of Monday, July 17th. The winners and Final Four scores were announced on Tuesday morning at the Grand Lodge Session. 4th Place, Pennsylvania (90.5076), 3rd Place, New Mexico (94.4389), 2nd Place, Nebraska (94.4778) and 1st Place, Florida (94.7978). So after the air cleared, Lincoln Lodge No. 80 finished Best in the West and finished 2nd nationally. We also had three (3) All Americans; Esteemed Leading Knight Laurie Montag, Chaplain Larry Schwindt and Coach Stephen Wirth. Thank you to all Elk members, families and friends for your continued support of Ritual in Lincoln as well as across the great state of Nebraska.

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All American Coach, Stephen Wirth, holding 2nd Place National Award, Exalted Ruler Mary Brooks, All American Esteemed Leading Knight, Laurie Montag and All American Chaplain, Larry Schwindt

2017 - State Convention

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Tiler Larry Jurgens, Candidate Bradley Norton, Chaplain Larry Schwindt, Esteemed Loyal Knight Troy Pedersen, Exalted Ruler Mary Brooks, Esteemed Leading Knight Laurie Montag, Esteemed Lecturing Knight Harry Montag, Inner Guard Bobby Clinkenbeard, Esquire Larry Bratt and Coach Stephen Wirth. Not pictured is Coach Doug Reinks.
Lincoln Lodge No. 80 was crowned Nebraska's Ritual Champs for the 9th year in a row at the 104th Annual Nebraska Elks Convention held in Grand Island, April 28th, 29th, 30th at the Hotel Grand Convention Center Awards Banquet that Saturday evening. Coaches / PERs Doug Reinks and Stephen Wirth prepared the team well to meet the challenge. Lincoln scored a 97.7691 to finish 1st while Grand Island took 2nd with a score of 95.1991. Lincoln's Chaplain, Larry Schwindt with a personal score of 96.2130 won the Nutzman Award for the highest scoring officer of all who competed. In addition, Lincoln gets to retire the State Ritual Traveling Trophy to their trophy case. This makes the 3rd State trophy, 2017, which now stands proudly next to the other two that were retired in 2014 and 2011 respectively. A lodge Ritual Team is required to win the traveling trophy 3 consecutive years in order to claim it and retire it at their lodge home. Lincoln will now compete in the National Ritual Contest to be held at the 153rd Elks National Convention in Reno, Nevada, July 16th through the 19th, 2017. Lincoln is scheduled to perform on Saturday, July 15th at 3 p.m. prior to the start of the convention's Sunday opening ceremony. The following individual Ritual awards were presented: Lincoln; Exalted Ruler Mary Brooks, Esteemed Leading Knight Laurie Montag, Esteemed Loyal Knight Troy Pedersen, Chaplain Larry Schwindt, Inner Guard Bobby Clinkenbeard and Candidate Bradley Norton. Grand Island; Esteemed Lecturing Knight Jim Thompson and Esquire William Carstens. Additional awards include; Flag Tribute, Bradley Norton, 11 O'clock Toast, Larry Bratt and a new award presented this year is the Jolly Cork Toast won by Stephen Wirth.

Congratulations to all as we continue to work toward winning Ritual's Western Division, a spot in the Final Four and ultimately a 3rd National Championship.

2016 (July) - Houston Convention - 3rd Place Finish

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Officers: Esquire Troy Pedersen, Chaplin Laurie Montag, Esteemed Lecturing Knight Larry Schwindt, Esteemed Loyal Knight Larry Bratt, Esteemed Leading Knight Mary Brooks, Inner Guard Harry Montag, Exalted Ruler Gerald Miles and Candidate Larry Jurgens

It was the hour of eleven when Nebraska's entry into the National Ritual Contest took place on Saturday, July 2nd in Houston, Texas. Lincoln Lodge No. 80 walked into the Western Division's competition room with high expectations as representing our state with the hopes of winning a third in a row National title. After posting a score of 96.8166 and waiting out the results of the remaining teams yet to compete, Lincoln won the Western Division Championship and had reserved a spot in the Final Four. Arizona finished 2nd with a score of 96.6177. The Eastern Divisions top two representatives were Ohio, 97.3274 and Pennsylvania, 96.6993. The top two teams in both division were now set to compete head to head on Tuesday, July 4th. The final performance and team scores is how each team finished. 1st, Pennsylvania (Bridgeport #714), 97.6457, 2nd, Ohio (Kenton #157) 97.1756, 3rd, Nebraska (Lincoln #80) 96.9730 and 4th, Arizona (Phoenix #355) with a score of 96.7167. Although Lincoln was somewhat disappointed as far as not being able to threepeat as National Champions, winning the Western Division for the 3rd year in a row and winning three more All Americans (Gerald Miles, Exalted Ruler, Mary Brooks, Esteemed Leading Knight and Coaches Bobby Clinkenbeard, Richard Todd and Stephen Wirth) was worth every minute after starting practice 10 months ago. Accomplishments; 1st in winning Practice Under Pressure, 1st in winning State Contest, 1st in winning Western Division and 3rd in the Final Four. The togetherness of the members of our team (performers and coaches) is significant and it only proves that hard work and dedication will keep a winning tradition alive for Lincoln Lodge No. 80 and the state of Nebraska. As we look forward to the future our team sights are now set for the 153rd National Convention and the chance to compete in the National Ritual Contest to be held in Reno, Nevada during July 2017. Thanks to all who have supported Lincoln financially as well as all the compliments and encouragement this past year. We are truly grateful.

2016 - State Convention

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Inner Guard Harry Montag, Chaplin Laurie Montag, Candidate Larry Jurgens, Esteemed Loyal Knight Larry Bratt, Exalted Ruler Gerald Miles, Esteemed Leading Knight Mary Brooks, Esquire Troy Pedersen and Esteemed Lecturing Knight Larry Schwindt
On Friday, April 22nd, Lincoln Lodge No.80 started the contest off at 9:00 a.m. followed by York Lodge No. 1024 at 10:00 a.m. and Grand Island Lodge No. 604 at 11:00 a.m. The scores were tallied by the judges and announcements were made at the Awards Banquet held that Saturday evening. Lincoln finished 1st with a score of 96.7777, Grand Island finished 2nd and York finished 3rd respectively. Esteemed Loyal Knight Larry Bratt won the Nutzman Award for the highest scoring officer of all who officers who competed. This is Lincoln’s 8th State Championship in a row and will be making their 8th consecutive trip to the National Ritual contest which will be held this year in Houston, Texas, July 1st - 6th at the 152nd Elks National Convention. Lincoln will be defending its Back to Back National titles as they strive to threepeat in Houston. Note: It was 31 years ago that Lincoln won the Nebraska State Championship and performed in Houston in 1984. Bobby Clinkenbeard was the teams coach and Stephen Wirth performed as Esteemed Loyal Knight. Laramie, WY Lodge No. 582 won the National Championship that year. Coaches Bobby, Rich Todd and Stephen have the Lincoln team focused and we will do our best to bring back another title to Nebraska and for Lincoln Lodge No. 80. More State pictures and awards will follow in the upcoming July issue of the Elk-O-Gram. Congratulation Lincoln and thank-you members for supporting our Ritual Team.

2015 (July) - Indianapolis National Convention - National Champions

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Officers, Gerald Miles, Harry Montag, Laurie Montag, Troy Pedersen, Mary Brooks, Larry Bratt Carrie Fiedler, Larry Schwindt, Top Hatters and Coaches Richard Todd, Bobby Clinkenbeard and Stephen Wirth

Elk member of Lincoln Lodge No. 80, as well as all Elks across the State of Nebraska can be proud of the accomplishment of our Ritual Team in Indianapolis, Indiana during the 151st National Elks Convention the week of July 5th thru the 8th. The LEL #80 Officers team turned in another stellar performance which brought the National Ritual Championship back to Nebraska for the 2nd year in a row. Lincoln performed in the Western Division on Sunday, 07/05/15 at 1:00 p.m. and finished with a score of 97.6560 to win the West and a berth in the Final Four. In addition, by winning the West, Lincoln received 7 All Americans awards. On Tuesday, 07/07/15, Lincoln performed for a second time at 2:00 p.m. in the Final Four and finished with a team score of 96.9103. The announcement of the National Championship team wasn’t known until Wednesday morning at the awards presentation portion of the convention. The teams of the Final Four finished as follows: Dalton (#1267) Georgia, 4th, Blue Springs (#2509) Missouri, 3rd, Bridgeport (#714) Pennsylvania, 2nd and Lincoln (#80) Nebraska, 1st. And the hollering, cheering and general whooping it up, commenced. Your All Americans included Exalted Ruler Larry Bratt, Esteemed Leading Knight Larry Schwindt, Esquire Carrie Fiedler, Chaplain Troy Pedersen, Inner Guard Laurie Montag, Candidate Harry Montag and Coach Stephen Wirth. In addition, Esteemed Loyal Knight Mary Brooks and Esteemed Lecturing Knight Gerald Miles turned in solid performances and with the additional guidance of coaches Bobby Clinkenbeard and Richard Todd, the team won Back to Back (2014 / 2015) Championships. Congratulations one and all. Your dedication to Ritual has set the standards for many years to come.

2015 - State Convention

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Chaplain Troy Pedersen, Loyal Knight Mary Brooks, Leading Knight Larry Schwindt, Exalted Ruler Larry Bratt, Lecturing Knight Gerald Miles, Inner Guard Laurie Montag, Esquire Carrie Fiedler and Candidate Harry Montag
On Friday April 24th, Lincoln's Ritual Team competed at 8:00 a.m. along with Grand Island at 9:00 a.m. and York at 10:00 a.m. for the right to be crowned State Champions. Lincoln will be making its 7th trip (in a row) to Nationals which will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana, July 3rd - 8th during the 151st National Convention. Lincoln finished at State with a score of 98.2462. Grand Island was second with a score of 95.0998 and York finished third with a score of 93.0772. Lincoln swept all 1st Place Award positions including the Nutzman Award which is presented to the highest scoring officer between the 3 competing teams. Lincoln's Leading Knight, Larry J. Schwindt, PER, won with a high score of 95.240. In addition, Lincoln took home the traveling team trophy which will be displayed alongside two other team trophies which the team has previously won. When a team wins the state award 3 years in a row, the team trophy is retired at their lodge. Lincoln won 6 years in a row, hence the two trophies. Since State, Lincoln has been practicing to defend their 2014 National Championship, which was won in New Orleans, Louisiana last year. Ritual coaches, PERs Bobby Clinkenbeard, Richard Todd and Stephen Wirth will have the team ready to meet the challenge. Thanks you State Trustees and all members of the Nebraska Elks Association for your continued support as we strive to win Back to Back National Championships.

2014 (July) - New Orleans National Convention - National Champions

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Coach Bobby Clinkenbeard, Inner Guard Troy Pederson, Lecturing Knight Mary Brooks, Loyal Knight Gerald Miles, Exalted Ruler Larry Schwindt, Leading Knight Larry Bratt, Chaplin Doug Rienks, Candidate Stephen Wirth, Esquire Laurie Montag & Coach Rich Todd

After two incredible performances, scoring 98.6 to win the Western Division and then scoring and almost unbelievable 98.2 in the final four competition, Lincoln's own Ritual team won the coveted Benjamin plaque, emblematic of the BEST RITUAL TEAM IN AMERICA.

The margin of victory over the second place team in the Western Division, New Mexico, was over one point and over the Florida team in the finals competition was just under a point. Usually the difference is a tenth of a point or a few hundredths, indicating how superior our team was in New Orleans.

Individually, the team excelled with 5 All Americans. To win an All American you must score higher than anyone else in the West in your chair. Larry Schwindt, Exalted Ruler; Larry Bratt, Leading Knight; Gerald Miles, Loyal Knight; Doug Rienks, Chaplain and Stephen Wirth, Candidate all won their chair. Congratulations to the other team members who obviously scored very high: Mary Brooks, Lecturing Knight; Laurie Montag, Esquire and Troy Pedersen, Inner Guard.

In addition, the highest scoring officer of all the officers on all the teams was our own Larry Bratt. He won the William King award for the second time - a rare feat.

The team would like to Thank everyone, locally, who donated to our Ritual travel fund and thanks to the Nebraska State Elks Association, for without their generous support it would not have been possible for us to attend the contest.

2014 - State Convention

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Inner Guard Troy Pedersen, Chaplain Doug Rienks, Loyal Knight Gerald Miles, Exalted Ruler Larry Schwindt, Leading Knight Larry Bratt, Lecturing Knight Mary Brooks, Candidate Stephen Wirth and Esquire Laurie Montag
Lincoln Lodge No. 80 was successful in defending their State crown, by winning their 6th consecutive title. On Saturday, at the April 26th Awards Banquet, Lincoln received all 8 first place individual awards in their respective positions. Team score was 97.9900 and good enough to bring the Hope Blackledge traveling trophy back to Lincoln for its final resting place. Lincoln has two traveling trophies that are now retired in their trophy case. Each one covers 3 years. Larry Bratt, Leading Knight, won the Nutzman Award which is presented to the highest scoring officer of the 4 teams competing. Larry's score was 96.209 and is now his 2nd Nutzman Award, back to back. He also won this award as Lecturing Knight in 2013. Lincoln's Ritual coaches PERs Clinkenbeard, Todd and Wirth had the team prepared. Many dedicated hours by individuals and coaches in preparation for the State competition paid off. Lincoln will now start preparation for the National Ritual contest to be held at the 150th Elks National Convention in New Orleans July 13th - 17th.

Ritual coach and judge, Bobby Clinkenbeard, won the George B. Klein Award for his dedication to Ritual. He not only helped Lincoln in preparation for the contest, he was also recertified as a judge and assisted the State Ritual chairman in judging the state contest. Additional awards received were presented to Larry Schwindt, 1st place Flag Tribute and Larry Bratt, 1st place 11 O'clock Toast. Lincoln Lodge No. 80 also won 1st place in the Lodge Bulletin contest.

2013 (July) - Ritual News - Reno, NV

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(L-R): Bob Sindlar, Larry Bratt, Sonny Lane, Doug Rienks, Larry Schwindt, Jeff Sneller, Laurie Montag, and Gerald Miles
When it comes to Ritual and Lincoln Lodge No. 80 is involved, excitement is always in the air. From the time members of our team departed from, and back to, Lincoln/Omaha either by car or plane, you knew there would be stories and memories made. Lincoln stayed at the beautiful Grand Sierra Resort and Casino Hotel along with other Nebraska State and lodge representatives. It was about a 10 minute ride by bus to the downtown Reno Sparks Convention Center where the 149th Annual Elks National Convention was held as well as the highly anticipated Ritual Competition. Lincoln competed on Saturday, July 13th at 10 a.m.

Our team put on a strong performance with a score of 95.5887. We actually held the number two spot for a short period of time. Our dreams of making it to the Final Four were dashed as Littleton Colorado #1650 dropped us into third place after the Ritual Committee posted their score of 95.9973 by 3 p.m. However, Lincoln had some excellent individual scores that kept us all in anticipation of possible top awards in the Western Division. Then Carlsbad New Mexico #1558 posted a score of 97.2867 on the third day of competition. When all the teams in the Western Division had finished, Carlsbad and Littleton finished 1 and 2 and Lincoln's coaches were informed that three of our officers, Exalted Ruler Doug Rienks, Lecturing Knight Larry Bratt and Esquire Gerald Miles had been in first place individually until Carlsbad, NM performed. All three of Lincoln's officers finished second which is still a monumental accomplishment.

Overall, Lincoln's Ritual Team finished 6th out of 14 teams in the West. Eight teams had a score in the 95's, no teams in the 96's and one team in the 97's. The rest were 94's or below. The scoring was generally very consistent in both the Eastern and Western Divisions. Final Four: results are 1st Littleton CO #1650, 96.4654, 2nd Carlsbad NM #1558, 96.3494, 3rd Kenton Ohio#157, 95.3349 and 4th Dover MD, DE, DC #1903, 95.3263. To the officers and coaches of Lincoln Lodge #80's Ritual Team, thank you for all your hard work, the many hours of practice and your dedication to the Initiation Ritual process. All the members within our lodge jurisdiction and members state wide, can be assured that Lincoln will not settle for less than, at least another chance to perform at the highest level in 2014. Get ready New Orleans, Lincoln is coming.

2013 - State Convention

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Laurie K. Montag, Candidate, 2nd Place; Jeffrey D. Sneller, PER, Chaplain, 1st Place; Larry R. Bratt, Esteemed Lecturing Knight, 1st Place; Sonny Lane, PER, Esteemed Leading Knight, 1st Place; Doug C. Rienks, Exalted Ruler, 1st Place; Larry J. Schwindt, Esteemed Loyal Knight, 1st Place; Robert S. Sindlar, Inner Guard, 1st Place; Gerald R. Miles, Esquire, 1st Place
Lincoln Lodge No. 80 was successful in defending their previous 4 crowns once again. On Saturday evening, April 27th, 2013 at the awards banquet, it was announced that Lincoln won the State Ritual contest and will represent Nebraska a the National Ritual Contest to be held at the 149th annual Elks National Convention in Reno, Nevada July 13th through the 17th. The team scored a record 98.0860, the highest of any Lincoln Ritual Team to date. All seven officers were awarded individual 1st place trophies for their respective positions.

Our candidate, Laurie Montag, took 2nd place honors for competing for her first time at state level. Larry Bratt, Lecturing Knight, won the Nutzman Award which is presented to the overall highest scoring officer with a score of 96.665. Other awards received were the 1st place Hope Blackledge team plaque along with the Hope Blackledge traveling trophy which will stand in Lincoln's trophy case for another year. It looks real nice along side of the other traveling trophy which doesn't need to travel anymore. Once the team wins 3 state titles in a row, the trophy is then retired. So the 2nd trophy needs one more state title from Lincoln to be able to land permanently in our trophy case. Ritual coaches, Richard Todd and Stephen Wirth, both PERs, are very proud of the individual and team efforts put out by this fine group.

In addition, Larry Schwindt won the 1st place Flag Tribute and 1st place 11 O'clock Toast award competition. Lincoln also won 1st place in the Lodge Bulletin as well as 3rd place in the All-American Lodge contests respectively. Please support the Ritual team with the many fund raising events listed in this issue of the Elk-O-Gram as they make their way to the Final Four in Reno.

2012 (July) - Ritual News - Austin, Texas

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(Back to Front): Larry Bratt, Gerald Miles, Sonny Lane, Stephen Wirth, Doug Rienks, Bob Sindlar, Larry Schwindt and Michael Jurado
On Sunday, July 11th at 1:00 p.m., the 2011-12 Lincoln Elks Ritual team competed in the Elks National Ritual contest with mixed results. The team's score was disappointing while the individual results were outstanding.

First off, the team finished 7th out of 15 teams that competed in the West Division. A very respectable score of 95.98 (out of a possible 100) was just not good enough, nor was it up to our Ritual team's standard. Our Western Division was won by Reno, Nevada Lodge #597 with a score of 97.04. Carlsbad, NM. Lodge #1558 scored 96.93 to finish 2nd in the West and then Carlsbad went on to win the overall Championship in a four team finals that consisted of teams from Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico and Nevada. It takes a score of 97 to insure a place in the finals, it seems, and current ER Doug Rienks promised the group at our dinner Saturday night (July 14) that the goal of the upcoming team was to make the final four next year.

Now, the good news! Your Lodge had 3 All-American winners! That means they scored highest of any officer that competed in their chair or position. The LARRY'S did it! Larry Bratt was All American Inner Guard and Larry Schwindt was All American Esquire. In addition, Larry Bratt was the highest scoring of any officer, regardless of chair. He was presented with the William King award, an achievement of high distinction. Our 3rd All American was Mike Jurado, the Candidate. Although his score is not counted in the final team score, that does not diminish the award in any way.
A candidate is very important to a team and Mike is the best one around. Congratulations to all 3 of our All Americans and congratulations to the team for another very successful year.

None of this would be possible without the generous financial support of our individual members, the PER Association and the Nebraska Elks Association. Thank-You to everyone, from Lincoln Lodge #80's coaches and team members! We truly Lived, Laughed, Loved and Left A Legacy in Austin, Texas.

2012 Nebraska State Champions

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Larry Bratt, Gerald Miles, Sonny Lane, Stephen Wirth, Doug Rienks, Bob Sindlar, Michael Jurado and Larry Schwindt
Lincoln Lodge No. 80's Ritual Team was well prepared for a shot at bringing home a fourth straight State title since starting their first practice in December of 2011. All Lodge Officers for the 2011 - 2012 year competed in their respective chairs. In addition, Michael Jurado is our candidate for contest purposes. He had an excellent performance during Practice under Pressure (PUP) at York, Nebraska in March. Michael is a new participant of the Ritual Team and now realizes the time and effort the officers put in toward keeping alive a winning tradition.

I am pleased to report that Lincoln won their 4th straight State Ritual contest at the 100th Annual State Convention which was held in North Platte on April 27th through the 29th. Lincoln finished with a score of 96.9967. Grand Island finished 2nd, Hastings 3rd and York was 4th. In winning, the team received the Hobe Blackledge plaque given annually to the winning team as well as bringing the Hobe Blackledge traveling trophy back to Lincoln.

In addition, many individual 1st place awards were received by the following: Doug Rienks, Leading Knight, Sonny Lane, Loyal Knight, Larry Schwindt, Esquire, Gerald Miles, Chaplain, Larry Bratt, Inner Guard and Michael Jurado, Candidate. Exalted Ruler, Wirth scored the highest in the ER position, however, wasn�t eligible for State honors since he had performed in this position in the past. Bob Sindlar, Lecturing Knight rounded out the team.

Doug Rienks won the coveted Nutzman Trophy for the 2nd year in a row. This award goes to the highest scoring officer of the contest. His score was an impressive 95.634.

Lincoln will represent Nebraska in the National Ritual contest to be held in Austin, Texas at the 148th National Convention this July. Please support all of the upcoming fund raising events put on by the Ritual Team to help defray expenses in their pursuit of another shot at the Final Four and ultimately the National Championship. Let the excitement begin.

2011 Phoenix National Convention Results
Jeff Sneller All American Inner Guard

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Larry Schwindt, John Brooks, Jeff Sneller, Doug Rienks, Amy Jacobsen, Stephen Wirth, Sonny Lane, Larry Bratt and Rich Todd
Lincoln 80�s officers performed the Elks Initiation ritual twice in Phoenix.

What a great pair of performances!!. Your Lodge Officers were fantastic!

After all the smoke had cleared and the scores were posted, our Officers were judged No. 2 in the NATION and �BEST IN THE WEST� by virtue of their beating the team that had beaten them in the Western prelims - New Mexico.

In their first performance, they put up a 96.96 score. This was good enough for 2nd in the West and was their ticket to the �final four� consisting of New Jersey and Florida from the East and Nebraska and New Mexico from the West. In the final performance the team scored 96.24, second only to New Jersey who scored 96.89

Every team member came through in both performances. In the West, we had one No. 1 performer - Jeff Sneller, Inner Guard. Congratulation to All American Jeff (he now answers to AAJ). Amy Jacobson our Exalted Ruler and Larry Bratt, Esquire were second in their chairs, with Larry finishing a scant .20 out of first. Stephen Wirth, Leading Knight and Doug Rienks, Loyal Knight each finished third, with John Brooks fourth, but only .20 out of second and Sonny Lane was fifth as Lecturing Knight. Larry Schwindt, the Candidate was scored even though it doesn�t affect the team score, and he finished second. KUDOS TO THE ENTIRE TEAM. Individual scoring in the finals is not revealed by the National Committee. Sixteen teams competed in the West, nineteen in the East.

Even though we endured 110-115 degree heat in Phoenix and had to stay a couple extra nights because we made the finals, a wonderful and busy time was had by all. Luckily we had our good luck charms- Spencer Hagan and Nick and Alexis Rienks - with us. John Brooks was installed as District Deputy of the Grand Lodge for the east district in Nebraska. Congratulations to John. Stephen Wirth, Exalted Ruler, attended all sessions of the Convention as our Lodge representative. He will report to the Lodge in August.

All of this would not have been possible without the financial help of many of you. Whether you donated money or attended one or more of our fund raisers, we thank each and everyone for their generous support.

2011 Nebraska State Champions

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Larry Schwindt, Larry Bratt, Sonny Lane, Doug Rienks, Amy Jacobsen, Stephen Wirth, Jeff Sneller and John Brooks
For the third year in a row the Lodge ritual team, composed of the current Lodge officers, has won the Elks State Ritual Contest. With a score of 97.69 out of a possible 100, they bested the four other teams in the competition. Second place was won by Grand Island Lodge with a score of 96.73. Third was Omaha with 95.49, fourth Hastings with a score of 95.30 and fifth was York at 89.53. In winning, the team received the Hobe Blackledge plaque, given annually to the winning team and retired the Hobe Blackledge traveling trophy since it was the third consecutive year we have won the state competition.

All State performers (highest score in their chair) and the chair they performed in are: Amy Jacobsen, Exalted Ruler; Larry Bratt, Esquire; Doug Rienks, Loyal Knight; Larry Schwindt, Candidate. It should be noted that Steve Wirth, Leading Knight and Jeff Sneller, Inner Guard scored the highest for their position, but were not eligible for All State honors since they are PERs. Sonny Lane at Lecturing Knight and John Brooks, Chaplain complete the team.

Doug Rienks won the coveted Nutzman trophy which goes to the highest scoring office in the contest. He won with an individual score of 95.85.

The next stop for the team is the Grand Lodge Ritual Contest in Phoenix which is held July 15th through the 19th, with the National Champion being announced on the 20th.

As usual, we will be having fund raisers - namely a dinner sometime in June and breakfast on father�s day, June 19 -to help defray some of the expense of the trip. We would appreciate your support. Thank You.

2010 Orlando Results

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Rich Todd, Doug Rienks, Larry Bratt, Carrie Fiedler, John Brooks, Amy Jacobsen, Jeff Sneller, Larry Schwindt and Stephen Wirth
Your team had an exciting and educational trip to Orlando. Exciting to see our name listed in the Convention newsletter as the leading team for 2 days and educational when we realized the contest ran for three days. As Yogi Berra said, "It ain't over until the fat lady sings." For us the fat ladies were represented by New Mexico, Texas and Minnesota. Each of these teams outscored us after we had posted a good score of 95.4261 on Saturday and that score stood up until the last team on Sunday. But then the trouble began. Three of the remaining four teams bettered our score and this put us in 4th place overall.

Individually, we had good balance in our scoring, with a couple of outstanding performances by Chaplin Larry Bratt and Loyal Knight Jeff Sneller. Larry had the 2nd highest score of 93.775, while Jeff scored 93.221 and was 4th in his position. It should be noted that Lincoln Lodge was judged the BEST in the WEST in team appearance. The ladies in their black gowns and the gents in their tux's with red and black vests were outstanding.

This outstanding performance would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work that the officers have put in since shortly after the first of the year. Congratulations to each officer and they want me to remind each of you that the trip wouldn't have been possible without the support and well wishes from so many of our members and friends. - Rich Todd, PER

2010 Nebraska State Champions

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Larry Schwindt, Doug Rienks, Larry Bratt, Amy Jacobsen, John Brooks, Carrie Fiedler, Jeff Sneller and Stephen Wirth
The officers of Lincoln Lodge #80 won the State Ritual Competition held in North Platte at the 98th Nebraska Elks Association Convention, Friday April 23 through Sunday, April 25th, 2010. Lincoln performed Friday at 11:00. Four additional teams competed through-out the day.

Loyal Knight Jeff Sauders, Omaha, won the Nutzman Award for the highest scoring officer. Ritual Coach Joe Thompson, Hastings, won the George B. Klein Award for his contribution to Ritual. Lincoln Lodge #80 won the honors of bringing the Team Traveling Troply back home for winning their 2nd in a row, State Ritual contest.

Team Results
1st Lincoln #80 96.9705     2nd Omaha #39 95.2614     3rd Grand Island #604 95.1640
                  4th York = #1024 93.9904     5th Hastings #159 93.3138
1st Place awards
Exalted Ruler, Janice Shafer, Grand Island Esquire, Duane Norris, Hastings
Leading Knight, Amy Jacobsen, Lincoln Chaplin, Larry Bratt, Lincoln
Loyal Knight, Jeff Saunders, Omaha Inner Guard, Doug Rienks, Lincoln
Lecturing Knight, Carrie Fiedler, Lincoln Candidate, Larry Schwindt, Lincoln

Lincoln Officers worked hard to accomplish back to back state titles which hasn't been done since the 70's. Their dedication to Ritual is obvious and the excitement for another shot at Nationals is on the horizon. Your State Champions will be heading to the National Ritual Contest in Orlando, FL during the first week of July.

Show time is 1:00 PM on Saturday, July 3rd, 2010. More information to follow as we get closer to this exciting event.

Thank you to Carrie Fiedler's family for allowing her to step in to fill the Lecturing Knight's position so the team could compete at State. Juggling a husband and four kids during the last two months of practice is not an easy task. Ryan and kids, we need your Mom for two more monthers as we prepare for our next goal.

A special thanks to PERs Bobby Clinkenbeard and Richard Todd for helping to keep the Lincoln Officers focused in our quest for another State crown. Also, Connie Moore, who is always there to make sure the Officers Ritual jewels are pinned correctly before competition. Your smiling face helps to relieve the tension just before we enter the room to victory. A special thank you to Deb Sneller for taking our photo right after the competition. It made the front page.

Last but not least, Thank You to all of Lincoln Lodge No. 80's members, familites and friends for your continued support in Ritual. We will make you proud.

2009 Portland Results

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Larry Bratt (Candidate), Rich Todd, PER (Chaplain), Larry Schwindt (Inner Guard), Amy Jacobsen (Loyal Knight), Stephen Wirth, PER (Exalted Ruler), John Brooks, ER (Leading Knight), Jeff Sneller, PER (Lecturing Knight), Doug Rienk (Esquire)
The Lodge's ritual team was not successful in its quest for the National Championship at Portland in early July. As a team we ranked ninth out of nineteem teams that vied for the Western division title. The winning team had a score of 96.5821 and our team had 95.0709. Due to a variety of circumstances, we had to replace several of our regular officers and this resulted in penalty points being assessed against the team. Without those penalties our score would have been 95.7851, good for sixth place overall.

All officers performed very well, but two member should be singled out for exceptional work in their respective chairs. One was Stephen Wirth out acting E xalted Ruler and the other was Larry Schwindt the acting Inner Guard. Stephen brought a weath of experience to the floor and was the top scoring Exalted Ruler until penalized one point and Larry performed for the very first time, yet finished 4th among all Inner Guards before his penalty for being a substitute was assessed.

All agreed that it was an exceptional experience and the new team of officers are getting ready to defend their state title so they can have another opportunity on the National level.

The ritual team would like to again thank everyone who generously supported us in our fund raising.

2009 Nebraska State Champions

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Rich Todd, Jeff Sneller, John Brooks, Larry Bratt, Stephen Wirth, Amy Jacobsen, Gerald Miles & Doug Rienks
Lincoln Lodge 80's Ritual Team was presented the 1st place plaque, The Hobe Blackledge Ritualistic Award on Saturday evening, April 25, 2009 at the Nebraska Elks Association Convention held in North Platte, NE at the Sandhills Convention Center in the Quality Inn Hotel.

The team had a 30 minute practice on Thursday evening in the ritual room. At 11:00am on Friday they were judged. Several lodge members were present as observers and it was agreed, that in their humble opinions, the team gave an exceptional performance. They were proven right at the Saturday evening banquet.

First was Larry Bratt, who received a trophy for the highest scoring Candidate. Then Gerald Miles was awarded the plaque for the highest scoring Inner Guard. Competing Esquires were repeating the chair and the ritual chairman declared that the trophy would be awarded to Dr. Doug Rienks. Go Doug! Amy Jacobsen as Loyal Knight and ER John Brooks was Leading Knight also earned the top award.

As final proof of our teams' strength, the 2009 Nutzman Ritual Award for the Highest Scoring Officer in the competition was awarded to our Exalted Ruler John Brooks serving as Leading Knight. Go Dad! He received a cup trophy and a large traveling trophy which will be on display in our lodge trophy case until competition next year.

After all of the individual awards, the team was presented the Blackledge Award. The team is very proud of their accomplishments. The Nebraska Elks Association will provide $7,000 for the team to travel to Portland, OR in July for National Convention. It is estimated that the team will need to raise another $4,000 - $5,000 to help with the team costs. Past state officers, members of other lodges in our state and our own members have offered financial support.

On Sunday, the team had the honor of being invited to perform the Memorial Ceremony during the closing of the 2009 convention. I must say that our male team members look very regal in their tuxes and Amy Jacobsen very royal in her dress. They command your attention when they perform. Larry Bratt served as the Esquire for the ceremony, since Doug Rienks had a family obligation in Lincoln on Sunday. Many lodge had representives at the ceremony and the team received many compliments and thank you's for a job well done.